Visual Arts – Creative Catalyst program

Aeon Academy’s Creative Catalyst program is widely known for our stimulating and unique art sessions. We use top-quality art materials and our teaching revolves around how to use specialised art tools properly and develop essential techniques and skills. Our artist-educators aim to inspire children to express their inherent creativity.

Children are taught a range of ways to transform their ideas into reality, and everyone gets the opportunity to learn at their own pace. The program encourages students to take the time they need to finish an artwork while exploring the process and journey of making.

Creative Catalyst champions Picasso’s famous words: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”.

These holidays, we’ll be presenting the following exciting and inspirational workshops:

Week 1 (14th – 17th April)

Tuesday, April 14th: Art Posters

art nouveau1 300x300 - Visual Arts

Take a look at some gorgeous Art Nouveau posters and observe their use of nature-inspired linework. We will be designing our very own art posters using a variety of border shapes drawing upon the rich, elaborative styles of artists such as Théophile Steinlen, Camille Martin, and Alphonse Mucha. Explore different text styles and stylised plants and animals. Waterproof fine liners, watercolour and metallic pens will complete our artworks.

Wednesday, April 15th: Prodigious Pots

pots 300x300 - Visual Arts

Handbuilt ceramic pots are some of the oldest human artefacts in existence. We have been doing it for thousands of years all over the planet. Coil building can create very large structures and is immensely satisfying, why not spend the day coiling away! Participants will be introduced to a range of handbuilding tools from paddles to scrapers and we will also look at different ways to decorate our pots, drawing upon prehistoric designs from around the world.

Pots will be painted with earth pigments and then fired in a kiln for permanence.

Thursday, April 16th: Pixie’s Tea Party

tea set 300x300 - Visual Arts

Imagine a miniature tea set, painted in blue and white, perfect for tiny people to use.  You could set up a party on a small table under a giant tree and invite all the pixies, fairies, and goblins you know. Finally, you’ll have the right tableware to hold a Pixies tea party!! 

Explore the pleasures and skills involved in working clay on a micro scale. Here anything is possible – make a magical set of ceramic goblets, tea cups or jugs. Then add all the whimsical elements and flourishes befitting the Fae Folk. Finally finish your tiny domestic ware with some surface decoration in colour and line work using ceramic underglazes and it will all be fired in a kiln.

Friday, April 17th: Adventures in Pen & Ink

line drawing 300x300 - Visual Arts

We’ll be going Old School in this workshop using pens dipped into ink to draw. Enjoy the nail biting experience of learning how to draw by pulling the ink nib down in the correct direction to avoid unexpected blobs-  also find creative ways to incorporate your blobs into the images you are inking. Learn how to build up tone using cross hatching and linework. Have fun with white ink on black card. Try your hand at calligraphy- the art of decorative handwriting and even have a go at making your very own feather quill from a cockatoo feather. Old clothing essential!

Week 2 (20th – 24th April)

Monday, April 20th: Treasure Chests

treasure chest 300x300 - Visual Arts

Avast me Hearties- time to make a ceramic treasure chest fit to store all your precious secrets away from prying eyes! Learn how to build and carve clay into a sturdy box with a close fitting lid. Practise using a range of clay carving tools and scrapers. Perhaps make some rare jewels to go inside your chest…Adorn your treasure chest with symbols and stamps and finish it with a golden glaze. All work will be fired in a kiln.

Tuesday, April 21st: Forest Furniture

autumn sculpt 300x300 - Visual Arts

Autumn- is our most lovely season. Enjoy a day of foraging and gathering natural materials during a walk under beautiful Autumn trees. These sticks, acorns, feathers and leaves will be the basis of our furniture making. Learn joining techniques to use with materials like twine, clay and twigs. Unleash your creativity as you imagine what kind of beings would interact with your furniture. Create beautiful objects that tread lightly on the earth and will blend perfectly into a natural setting.

Wednesday, April 22nd: Autumn Landscapes

autumn landscapes 300x300 - Visual Arts

Capture a range of delicious Autumn colours and celebrate Canberra’s best season! Students will spend the morning sketching and painting in ‘plein air’ to capture a little of Yarralumla’s deciduous trees, then head inside for an afternoon of colour mixing and painting the autumn landscape at their easels. Participants will be able to work with both acrylic and watercolours over the day and will have time to experiment with a range of approaches to both these mediums.

Thursday, April 23rd: Canine Animalia

canine animalia 1 300x300 - Visual Arts

Dingoes, dogs and wolves are the inspiration for this ceramic handbuilding workshop constructing sculptures of humanity’s oldest animal friends. Learn how to bring your clay animals to life using different clay tools & techniques. Capture the fierceness, the loyalty or the cleverness of these beloved beasts in their posture and movement. Glaze your work and it will be fired a kiln to make a permanent sculpture.

Friday, April 24th: Mural Design

mural art 300x300 - Visual Arts

Traditionally a mural is applied straight onto a wall or other permanent surface, we’re going to practise on very big paper before we go to that point!

Using your own body as a template, upscale your at work and create a large, vibrant painting using paint pens, acrylic and more! Experiment with zentangles to create patterns to fill in parts of your life size mural. Work both as a group and individually to create a fun artwork that is truly self expressive!