Creative Catalyst Art program

Aeon Academy’s Creative Catalyst program is renowned for it’s inspiring & engaging Artist-led workshops. Children & Teens, aged 7 – 16, have the chance to immerse themselves in the wide world of Arts where they can unleash their creativity! They’ll spend a day creating their very own masterpiece, learning new skills and bringing their designs to life.

They’ll learn a range of ways to transform their ideas into reality, and everyone gets the opportunity to create at their own pace. The program encourages students to take the time they need to finish an artwork while exploring the process and journey of making.

Creative Catalyst champions Picasso’s famous words: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”. Our dedicated team of art educators , led by Aeon Academy Founder & Art Director Teffany Thiedeman, all graduated from the Canberra School of Art & Design and bring their specialised skills to each of the different workshops. Children & Teens can choose between a suite of exciting workshops across a range of mediums including Ceramics, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Painting & Drawing.

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Creative Catalyst – Spring Holiday Program

Week 1

Monday 20th Sept

Botanical Oils – Oil Painting

Transform the ordinary into the sublime!

Working from a collection of cut flowers, fruits and various leaf forms, complemented by images from Aeon Academy’s own fabulous art library, students will compose their own still life arrangement, from which we will create a lustrous and original oil painting, over a full day.

Spend the day training your eye and developing your oil painting skills with artist and painter Lauren van Der Hoek.

Tuesday 21st Sept

Beautiful Birdbaths – Ceramics

Create a great big, beautiful birdbath to welcome all the birds to your backyard. Keep them safe and happy with your handcrafted ceramic water bowl. Clay is a natural, non-toxic and lovely material to work with allowing both functional and sculptural elements to be explored. All work will be glazed and fired in a kiln and available to be picked up next Open Day

Led by artist and ceramicist Teffany Thiedeman.

Wednesday 22nd Sept

Fantastic Fungi – Ceramics

Explore the magical world of mushrooms. Be inspired by their incredible colours, and shapes. Learn ceramic techniques to make mushrooms that will express their features; spongy or leathery, smooth or textured, dry or moist. Glazes and ceramic colourants will be used to bring your fungi to life. All clay work will be fired in the kiln, they can then be arranged in your garden, terrarium or… anywhere!

Work with artist and ceramicist Teffany Thiedeman

Thursday 23rd September-cancelled

Fairytale Dioramas – Mixed Materials

Time to tell a story in a box- a staged recreation of a favourite fairy tale or old traditional story. Turn a cardboard box into Rapunzel’s high tower or a hoard of gold guarded by a sleeping dragon… If you love to make, build, paint and construct this workshop is for you- learn how to use a range of tools and materials to create your 3-dimensional story.

Led by artist and painter Lauren van Der Hoek

Friday 24th September

Patterns in Nature – Painting & Drawing

Take an investigative look around you at the natural world and see the patterns that surround us and are a part of us. A pattern in nature is a visible regularity found in the natural world like fractals in vegetables, and waterways, tessellations, cracks and spirals.

From fingerprints to spiralling sprouts, the micro to the macro, we can often predict how patterns will appear. In this drawing & painting workshop natural patterns will inspire and inform our work using a range of approaches and materials.

Led by artist and painter Lauren van Der Hoek.

Week 2

Monday 27th September -cancelled

Gigantic Drawings – Painting & Drawing

Want to go big?

This drawing workshop will show you how to draw things on a larger scale. We will be using a range of drawing materials, different hardness of pencils, charcoal and graphite powder and combining them with watercolour, acrylics and ink to make a large image. Work as a group to build a mammoth-sized art work and work individually to make your own Gigantic Drawing

Led by artist and painter Ingrid Hunter

Tuesday 28th September

Dragon Animalia – Ceramics

The Dragon is a symbol of power across the world. From the fluid sky swimming dragons of China to the ravenous wyrms of Europe they have enchanted our imagination with stories of their savagery, wisdom and great hordes of wealth. Choose your dragon tradition and set out on a one day quest to create it in clay. Learn ceramic techniques to build your beast and bring it to life with colour and detail.

All work will be glazed and fired in a kiln

Led by artist and ceramicist Isabelle Mackay-Sim.

Wednesday 29th

Prehistoric Pots – Ceramics

The oldest pots in the world were built around 15 000 years ago. Humans have been making pots, ornaments and instruments out of clay for a very long time. This is your chance to join in the tradition and coil a huge pot and decorate it with earth colored slips. We will look at images of pots from the ancient past from all over the world and design our own decorations based on these. Handprints and animal shapes are some of the most popular motifs. Spend the day making the best pot you can, after all, it might be discovered by someone 15 000 years from now!

All materials provided and work will be fired in a kiln.

Led by Artist and ceramicist Ochre Bodhi

Thursday 30th

The Bird – Oil Painting

Celebrate the coming of Spring and the wondrous birds we share our lives with. Canberra is a city full of birds, from the raucous cockatoo and the carolling Magpie to the gem-like blue wren; our skies, trees and backyards are full of these amazing animals. Spend a day painting and drawing birds. Observe them outside in real life and up close through books and images. Learn painting and drawing techniques to create their feathery texture and capture their quickness and beauty. Explore the rich colour effects of oil paint on good quality paper.

Led by artist and painter Lauren van Der Hoek

Friday 1st October-cancelled

Animal Habitats – Painting and Drawing

Where does your favourite animal live? A habitat is a place with the plants, landscape and food an animal needs to live. Explore different environments inhabited by animals. Look at burrows, termite hills, tree canopies and underwater worlds. Use the diorama format to recreate your chosen habitat, with a huge array of materials, tools and techniques at your disposal.

Led by artist and painter Lauren van der Hoek