Visual Arts – Creative Catalyst program

Aeon Academy’s Creative Catalyst program is renowned for it’s inspiring & engaging Artist-led workshops. Children & Teens, aged 7 – 16, have the chance to immerse themselves in the wide world of Visual Arts where they can unleash their creativity! They’ll spend a day creating their very own masterpiece, learning new skills and bringing their designs to life.

They’ll learn a range of ways to transform their ideas into reality, and everyone gets the opportunity to create at their own pace. The program encourages students to take the time they need to finish an artwork while exploring the process and journey of making.

Creative Catalyst champions Picasso’s famous words: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”. Our dedicated team of art educators , led by Aeon Academy Founder & Art Director Teffany Thiedeman, all graduated from the Canberra School of Art & Design and bring their specialised skills to each of the different workshops. Children & Teens can choose between a suite of exciting workshops across a range of mediums including Printmaking, Ceramics, Mixed Media, Sculpture & Painting.

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Creative Catalyst – Summer Holiday Program

Week 1

Monday 4th

Action Art 1- painting & more

Art for kids who don’t want to sit still!

Combine movement, fun and a variety of approaches – textured paints, spray bottles, splattering, throwing and more. Brilliant and dynamic artworks will be created on a large scale. A great way to combine physicality with art making and be inspired by famous painters who threw paint around!

Do wear old clothes that you don’t mind getting art actioned…

Move your body and make art

Tuesday 5th

Mask Making- paper mache

Harness the power of paper in this sculpture workshop. Paper made from recycling other papers has a special textural quality. Masks are a way to create impossible creatures with both animal and human characteristics. Most masks have exaggerated features which can make them quite scary to look at. Huge eyes, mouths and teeth. What features do you want to create to bring your mask to life?

Become another creature!

Wednesday 6th

Marsupial Animalia- ceramic

Australia is home to many unique animals. We will be exploring those that fall into the classification of Marsupial- animals with pouches. The rich diversity of Australia’s marsupial wildlife ranges from tiny hopping mice to fierce carnivores like the Tasmanian Devil.

Learn how to make marsupial animals out of clay using handbuilding techniques like pinch pots, slabs and coiling. These creations will be painted with ceramic stains and fired in a kiln for a permanent and beautiful finish.

Thursday 7th

Animal Portraits- drawing & painting

We share the world with other animals. Sometimes as tame pets, as livestock and more rarely as wild creatures. We will imagine a well loved pet (or wild animal) turned into a human and dress it accordingly. This attribution of human behaviour and personality to animals is called anthropomorphism. If we make our portraits kind of funny they can become caricatures- where we exaggerate certain qualities- the stylishness of the fox, the clumsiness of the bulldog, the show off cockatoo.

Anyone who loves drawing (and animals) will enjoy this workshop.

Express the personality of an animal

Friday 8th

Gigantic Pots- ceramics

Humans have been making pots, ornaments and instruments out of clay for a very long time. This is your chance to join in the tradition and coil a huge pot and decorate it with earth colored slips. We will look at images of pots from the ancient past from all over the world and design our own decorations based on these. Handprints and animal shapes are some of the most popular motifs. Spend an awesome day making the biggest pot you can! Gigantic pots will be fired and painted with ceramic colourants.

Learn how to go big with coiling.

Week 2

Monday 11th

The Secret Garden – printmaking

Escape into the garden, breathe the open air and use leaves, fruit and bark to print from directly. Layer your composition with colour and form to make a summer impression on a large sheet of paper. Play with scratchboard and printing blocks to create borders and patterns. Experiment with printing on different surfaces to create a textured finish. Work on your garden print all day with plenty of opportunities to play with different kinds of printing and mark making.

A linocut by Clare Melinsky- Winter Garden

Tuesday 12th

Action Art 2- String and more

For kids who like to build the whole day long!

Use string to create sculptures which are like 3 dimensional drawings. Use your whole body to weave and turn as you build up your string creations. Check out the work of famous artists who use string as an expressive medium and line work in nature, spider webs and nests.

Work both large scale and small, in groups and individually.

Don’t get strung out!

Wednesday 13th

Animal Habitat- mixed materials

Build a world in a box!

Dioramas are miniature scenes contained in a space, in our case a cardboard box. Create an environment perfect for your chosen animal. We will use animal books to research the perfect landscape to house your animal and then use a huge variety of tools and materials to construct the diorama. From the tree tops to deep burrows, explore different ways to make your animal habitat.

Create a world in a box…

Thursday 14th

Fakery Bakery- ceramic

Don’t play with your food! Unless you make it yourself…

Welcome to the Fakery Bakery where you can make whatever you want for afternoon tea! Perhaps a high tea, with scones and jam. Or maybe a delicious cake, smothered in icing and colourful decorations! Enjoy this taste and touch tantalising workshop, your work may look so good you’ll want to eat it. All work is made out of clay and will be glazed and fired in the kiln, so you can keep your food forever.

Image: Year 8 Students, Hartismere School UK

Friday 15th

Paper Pets- paper mache & mixed materials

Always wanted a puppy or a kitten? Or maybe something more exotic like your own monkey or elephant. You can create your own animal companion, using paper mache and other mixed materials. Your pet could be the puppy you’ve always wanted, or some kind of fantastical beast from your dreams. Using paper mache and an imagination your options are limitless. Materials are enviro friendly- using found and recycled objects!

Create the animal companion of your dreams!

Week 3

Monday 18th

Under the Sea- ceramics

Life beneath the waves is a great source of inspiration. Create a little window into the depths of the ocean; discover underwater worlds, shipwrecks and lost treasure, living or dying reefs and their inhabitants, possibly ocean creatures of mythology, krakens and great serpents… Participants will be guided in ceramic techniques to construct their watery creations. All work will be glazed and fired in a kiln.

Enter the enchanted world of underwater animals

Tuesday 19th

Costumery- textiles & mixed materials

Enjoy Tea Time with a twist as you design and construct your very own sculptural hat.

This is a wearable art workshop and we encourage you to let your imagination fly! From clock top hats to Bowling Hats with a swimming pool in them, here is your change to make the zaniest hat you can conceive…

Our hats will be constructed from a base of firm foam and then we will use an immense range of materials to make the most original hats ever…

In the afternoon we will all have a very special afternoon tea/performance in our wonderful hats.

Never get caught without the right hat again!

Wednesday 20th

Action Art 3- painting & drawing

For kids who really like to get their hands into things!

REALLY use your body to make some art! Get your hands and feet on the paper and draw, splatter and paint around them. Work with the class to get your shadow outline ready to be transformed into another version of yourself.

Look at some of the most ancient art in the world, created by spitting pigment around hands on cave walls!

Hands on action all day long

Thursday 21st

Magic Door- ceramics

Think 3D graffiti! In this workshop, we will be making magic doors, leading to…? Transform your favourite tree into a magic gateway to another world. These little ceramic doors can be glued onto walls, trees, cupboards- anything. Is your magic door guarded by a little animal? Does it need a key? Are there some ancient runes, carved around the doorway? Where would your magic door lead you? Magic Doors will be fired in the kiln and glazed so they are weatherproof!

Create a magical door, leading to another world

Friday 22nd

Miniatures- painting and drawing

Today we will be going small! This is a great opportunity to explore detail in painting and drawing. You could choose an insect, or the veins of a leaf and focus on encapsulating the fine lines and patterns that emerge when you zoom in. Get the microscope out! Or look at a landscape, what happens when you zoom out, think about how the colours merge. Create a small series of pieces, or spend your day working in great detail on a miniature masterpiece.

Small is beautiful

Week 4

Monday 25th – Service closed

Tuesday 26th – Public Holiday

Wednesday 27th

Words of clay- ceramics

Make your words art as you transform the ancient artform of calligraphic drawing into sculpture. Blur the boundaries between writing and making as you model animals, vines, people and structures into the letters that will generate words. This ceramic workshop will allow participants to explore and test the limits of clay as they twist and shape it. The final touch will be the addition of colour as glaze is swept across the surfaces of the formed letters.

Make your words permanent

Thursday 28th

Rockpools- ceramic

Rockpools are a window into the wonders of the ocean. Each little pool can contain an incredible diversity of plant and animal life. From the elusive and dangerous blue ringed octopus, to squirtie polyps and tiny fish. Rockpools are an underwater garden, full of life and colour!

Spend the day at the beach creating a rock pool.

Your very own octopus’ garden

Friday 29th

Action Art 4

You wont need a chair for this workshop! Prepare to get dirty hands, as we spend the day with charcoal in all its forms! From powder, to stick. Brush it, sweep it, push it and explore. We will be using huge sheets of paper and charcoal on long sticks to play with gestural mark making. A very messy fun day of art!