Visual Arts – Creative Catalyst program

Aeon Academy’s Creative Catalyst program is widely known for our stimulating and unique art sessions. We use top-quality art materials and our teaching revolves around how to use specialised art tools properly and develop essential techniques and skills. Our artist-educators aim to inspire children to express their inherent creativity.

Children are taught a range of ways to transform their ideas into reality, and everyone gets the opportunity to learn at their own pace. The program encourages students to take the time they need to finish an artwork while exploring the process and journey of making.

Creative Catalyst champions Picasso’s famous words: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”.

These holidays, we’ll be presenting the following exciting and inspirational workshops:

Week 1 (30th September – 4th October)

Monday, September 30th: Face the Sculpture!

Face the Sculpture - Visual Arts

Spend the day working on a ceramic sculptural head. Observe famous heads from around the world and across time, from Buddhist sculptures to the famous sculptures of Benin.

Learn hand building techniques to create the texture of hair, skin and more. Play with a large range of clay tools specially designed for carving and sculpting. These pieces will be fired in a kiln and can then live in an outdoor setting.

Tuesday, October 1st: Wearable Art

Wearable Art - Visual Arts

Have a go at badge making, shrinky ornaments, fabric painting and more. No need to leave your art at home ever again! Art you can wear is both decorative and expressive and can tell us something of the person doing the wearing! From a detailed art badge, hand crafted ‘shrinky’ brooch to a beautifully painted cotton bandana/scarf, this workshop offers many forms through which your art can shine.

Drawing inspiration from the decorative traditions of jewellery making and fashion design, students will plan their wearable art pieces of choice, learning new skills such as badge making and fabric painting, whilst refining others such as detailed drawing, to create a variety of decorative art pieces.

Wednesday, October 2nd: Spring Alcoves

Spring Alcoves - Visual Arts

Alcove, niche or shrine. These concepts are the inspiration for a handbuilding ceramic workshop that incorporates modelling, installation and structure building. Shrines are found in many of the world’s religions- Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shinto as well as secular settings like War Memorials, places of natural beauty and even Pooh Corner on the Clyde!

Learn and hone clay building techniques using coils, slabs and carving then decorate your structure using stamp work, fine coil relief and figure sculpting. Get ready for the change in seasons by focusing on natural features like plants, stones, water and animals. Finish your alcove with painted underglazes and some gold glaze highlights.

Thursday, October 3rd: Fairytale Dioramas

Fairytale Dioramas - Visual Arts

Time to tell a story in a box- a staged recreation of a favorite fairy tale or a classic traditional story. Turn a cardboard box into Rapunzel’s high tower or a hoard of gold guarded by a sleeping dragon… If you love to make, build, paint and construct this workshop is for you- learn how to use a range of tools and materials to create your 3 dimensional story.

Starting with an overview of our rich cultural heritage as glimpsed through a wild and fabulous collection of fables this Visual Art workshop encourages imagination, invention and problem solving, develops fine motor and design skills and gives students a full day to bring their story to life.

Friday, October 4th: Sensational Stencils

Sensational Stencils - Visual Arts

Investigate the power of multiple images using stenciling. From the original handprint with ochre sprayed around it, to hand cut paper stencils using a myriad of colours. You will get to build, construct and share images on individual sheets of paper as well as working on a large collaborative piece.

In this workshop participants will design, cut and use their stencils with a range of different paints from hand splattered acrylics to super shiny spray paints. Older students can try their hand at multi layered stencils.

Week 2 (7th – 11th October)

Monday, October 7th: PUBLIC HOLIDAY

Service closed. No workshop running.

Tuesday, October 8th: Beautiful Bells

Beautiful Bells - Visual Arts

Bells are sounded to call attention to a change or mark a transition: in time, in activity, or in mood. Bells and bell-like objects have been used for religious and meditative purposes in cultures all over the world, and their clear ring is associated with tranquility and peace. We’ll be looking at Japanese ceramics and their tradition of clay bells, then moving on and giving you the chance to make a bell that is uniquely significant to you.

In this workshop you’ll develop your ceramic skills, working with pinch pots, coils, and hand-building techniques to model and construct your bells. After they’ve taken shape, you’ll look at different ways to finish them using simple slip trailing, carving, and a little bit of glaze. All bells will be fired in a kiln to produce a lovely note!

Wednesday, October 9th: Gardens of Paradise

Gardens of Paradise - Visual Arts

In an overwhelming world of pollution and species decline it is good to imagine a future with room for animals and plants. We will look at images of beautiful gardens and animals, and also illustrators who use the garden as inspiration for their work.

Pencils, imagination and love of nature will be our tools to express our visions of beauty and hope.

Thursday, October 10th: Cool Candelabras

Cool Candelabras - Visual Arts

Lighting a Candle is part of many strong traditions. We light them for birthdays, religious festivals, special dinners and to create an ambience or a mood of celebration. A Candelabrum is purpose built candle holder to mark these occasions, choose a theme you wish to celebrate with yours, it might be a tree of butterflies, a castle on a hill, a circus setting.

Using a combination of handbuilding techniques like coiling and small scale modelling construct a long lasting ceramic candle holder. These will be glazed and fired in a kiln for enduring beauty.

Friday, October 11th: Painting the Sky

Painting the Sky - Visual Arts

The sky’s the limit in this painting workshop. Learn how to capture fleeting clouds, endless blues and hypnotic sunsets using different paints and techniques.

The fluidity of the watercolour medium is particularly suited to transient subjects like the sky. Students will spend the morning sketching and painting in ‘plein air’ to capture a little of Yarralumla’s lakeside setting, then head inside for an afternoon of painting a landscape of their own design at their easels.