Visual Arts – Creative Catalyst program

Aeon Academy’s Creative Catalyst program is widely known for our stimulating and unique art sessions. We use top-quality art materials and our teaching revolves around how to use specialised art tools properly and develop essential techniques and skills. Our artist-educators aim to inspire children to express their inherent creativity.

Children are taught a range of ways to transform their ideas into reality, and everyone gets the opportunity to learn at their own pace. The program encourages students to take the time they need to finish an artwork while exploring the process and journey of making.

Creative Catalyst champions Picasso’s famous words: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”.

These holidays, we’ll be presenting the following exciting and inspirational workshops:

Week 1 (6th – 10th January)

Monday, January 6th: Awesome Ocarinas

ocarinas 291x300 - Visual Arts

Ocarinas are little clay whistles from Mesoamerica. They are ancient musical instruments that often take the form of animals or people. They can be highly decorated and ornamented or very simple and smooth. This class will teach you how to make whistles out of a lovely smooth chocolate coloured clay, they will be painted in slips and fired in the kiln, 

Charm your family and friends with a set of homemade ocarinas!

Tuesday, January 7th: Paper Making

paper making 300x300 - Visual Arts

Harness the power of paper in this sculpture workshop. Paper made from recycling other papers has a special textural quality. You can introduce other plants and materials to create sheets of paper that are more sculptural and fun to work with.

Spend a day tearing, cooking, mushing, straining and pressing your own sheets of paper. Using cellulose glue  breathe life into old newspaper and masking tape and build some small to medium objects that will be extremely strong when dried. Create a collaborative large scale work using a premade armature.

Wednesday, January 8th: Marsupial Animalia

marsupial 300x300 - Visual Arts

Australia is home to many unique animals. We will be exploring those that fall into the  classification of Marsupial- animals with pouches. The rich diversity of Australia’s marsupial wildlife ranges from tiny hopping mice to fierce carnivores like the Tasmanian Devil.

Learn how to make marsupial animals out of clay using handbuilding techniques like pinchpots, slabs and coiling. These creations will be painted with ceramic stains and fired in a kiln for a permanent and beautiful finish.

Thursday, January 9th: Recycled Sculpture

found sculpt 300x300 - Visual Arts

We live our lives surrounded by a sea of plastic, both in our everyday spaces and in our oceans and the wider environment. Recycling has become a vital theme of recent decades, as we learn to re-use and re-purpose waste that would otherwise be abandoned. Using recycled materials like bottles and bottle caps, we’ll construct spinning propellers to harness the power of the wind and explore dynamic forms of art that don’t just sit still like 3D spirals and drifting jellyfish. 

In this workshop students will be using a variety of tools from heat guns, to drills and glue guns to transform plastic into beautiful and fun sculptural objects. We’ll look at different plastics and their moldability with the application of temperature and pressure, and introduce students to recycling in practice that is beautiful as well as environmentally friendly.

Friday, January 10th: Artist Cartographer

Screen Shot 2019 11 02 at 11.45.19 am 300x300 - Visual Arts

The art of Mapmaking is wonderfully illustrated in stories such as The Hobbit by J.R.R.Tolkien, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis and many others. These authors were also artists who brought their worlds to life with detailed and compelling guides to their imaginary worlds. Using a great range of waterproof inks, watercolours and metallic embellishing inks create a guide through your imaginary world.

Week 2 (13th – 17th January)

Monday, January 13th: Garden Printmaking

garden print 300x300 - Visual Arts

Escape into the garden, breathe the open air and use leaves, fruit and bark to print from directly. Layer your composition with colour and form to make a summer impression on a large sheet of paper. Play with scratchboard and printing blocks to create borders and patterns. Experiment with printing on different surfaces to create a textured finish.

Tuesday, January 14th: Action Art 1!

action art 300x300 - Visual Arts

Combining movement, fun and a variety of art mediums – textured paints, spray bottles, string glueing etc. brilliant and dynamic artworks will be created on a large scale. A great way to combine physicality with art making. Do wear old clothes that you don’t mind getting art actioned!

Wednesday, January 15th: Totally Wired

wired 300x300 - Visual Arts

A wire & metal sculpture workshop. Warm up with continuous line drawing and then try your hand at bending, twisting and shaping wire into form. A great way to create action figures like athletes, dancers and leaping horses suspended in motion.

Thursday, January 16th: Birdhouses

Screen Shot 2019 11 02 at 11.44.54 am 300x300 - Visual Arts

Bring all the birds to your garden with these delightful housing options! Hang them from your favorite tree and wait to see who moves in… In this ceramic workshop participants will learn how to construct a slab work birdhouse. Choose from a huge range of stamps to create beautiful designs. All work will be glazed and fired in the kiln.

Friday, January 17th: Pet Diorama

diorama 300x300 - Visual Arts

Dioramas are worlds in a box. They are a fantastic way to use a vast array of materials and techniques, resulting in imaginative problem solving and a lot of fun playing! Pet Dioramas are a great activity for children who love pets! Whether it is a bunny or a crocodile, design and construct your perfect pet home. Who knows, you might convince your parents…

Week 3 (20th – 24th January)

Monday, September 20th: Action Art 2!

action art 2 300x300 - Visual Arts

The next installment of Action Art combining movement, fun and a variety of art mediums – paints, pastels, spray bottles etc. brilliant and dynamic artworks will be created on a large scale. A great way to combine physicality with art making. Do wear old clothes that you don’t mind getting art actioned!

Tuesday, January 21st: Fantastic Beasts Animalia

fantastic beasts 1 300x300 - Visual Arts

Time to make your very own fantastic beast in clay. From Griffins to unicorns, learn how to construct imaginary creatures out of coils, slabs and pinch pots. Use ceramic colourants to bring them to life. These beasts will be fired in the kiln so you can have them in the garden for years to come.

Wednesday, January 22nd: Feathers, Fur, and Scale

Screen Shot 2019 11 02 at 11.44.29 am 300x300 - Visual Arts

Spend a day looking at the surface covering of different animals. Birds, mammals, fish and insects will all be our subjects in this drawing and painting workshop. We will also be using magnifying glasses to get a very detailed idea of how these textures work. Learn drawing techniques that will help you to express your artistic ideas.

Thursday, January 23rd: Plaster Caster Master

plaster 300x300 - Visual Arts

Plaster is a fantastic material. Mix it as a powder in water then pour it, wrap it, mould it, scrape it BUT do it quickly before it sets hard! Learn the art of casting plaster over this one day workshop where participants will use plaster bandages, a range of moulds, cast their own handprints and even more…

Friday, January 24th: Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

mad hatter 300x300 - Visual Arts

Enjoy Tea Time with a twist as you design and construct your very own sculptural Hat.

This is a wearable art workshop and we encourage you to let your imagination fly! From clock top hats to Bowling Hats with a swimming pool in them, here is your change to make the zaniest hat you can conceive…

Our hats will be constructed from a base of firm foam and then we will use an immense range of materials to make the most original hats ever…

In the afternoon we will all have a very special afternoon tea/performance in our wonderful hats.

Week 4 (27th – 31st January)

Monday, January 27th: PUBLIC HOLIDAY

Service closed. No workshops.

Tuesday, January 28th: Summer Ceramic Tiles

summer tiles 300x300 - Visual Arts

This workshop will be an opportunity to both create your own original ceramic tiles as well as glazing pre fired terracotta tiles with intricate designs. Learn ceramic techniques of stamping, carving and shellac etching. Tiles have an ancient and widespread history which we will investigate before starting our designs.

Wednesday, January 29th: Underground Dioramas

underground 300x300 - Visual Arts

Dioramas are worlds in a box. They are a fantastic way to use a vast array of materials and techniques, resulting in imaginative problem solving and a lot of fun playing!

For Underground Dioramas we will be looking at animal burrows, hobbit houses and caves. Of course there will be glow in the dark paint to create luminescent features such as fireflies, phosphorescent mushrooms and more…

Thursday, January 30th: Day of the Dead Skulls

day of dead skull 300x249 - Visual Arts

The Day of the Dead (Spanish: Día de Muertos) is a holiday celebrated throughout Mexico and by people of Mexican heritage elsewhere. The holiday happens after Halloween and focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember loved ones who have died. It is famous for its calaveras or skulls formed from sugar, paper and clay. Build your own ceramic skulls and decorate them with clay tools and glazes in preparation for the next Day of the Dead. All work will be fired in a kiln.

Friday, January 31st: Patterns in Nature

patterns 300x300 - Visual Arts

Take an investigative look around you at the natural world and see the patterns that surround us and are part of us.

From fingerprints to spiralling sprouts, the micro to the macro, we can often predict how patterns will appear and sometimes mathematically model them.  In this drawing workshop we will be using these natural patterns to inspire and inform our work using a number of approaches and materials. Watercolours will be used to add colour