Visual Arts – Creative Catalyst program

Aeon Academy’s Creative Catalyst program is widely known for our stimulating and unique art sessions. We use top-quality art materials and our teaching revolves around how to use specialised art tools properly and develop essential techniques and skills. Our artist-educators aim to inspire children to express their inherent creativity.

Children are taught a range of ways to transform their ideas into reality, and everyone gets the opportunity to learn at their own pace. The program encourages students to take the time they need to finish an artwork while exploring the process and journey of making.

Creative Catalyst champions Picasso’s famous words: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”.

This autumn, we’ll be presenting the following exciting and inspirational workshops:

Week 1 (8th – 12th July)

Monday, July 8th: Staffs of Power

Following in the tradition of famous magic users (Harry Potter, Hermione, Gandalf, Merlin, The White Witch etc) be the owner of an individual Staff of Power! We will go for a walk in the forest and find the right stick to start your staff. Back in the art workshop you will design and then construct (from mixed materials) an original staff topper. Think dragon eyes, vine wrapped crystals, feathery owls, jewel encrusted toads.

Take your staff home for your next fancy dress party! But remember, these staffs are only to be used for the power of good.

Tuesday, July 9th: Animal Planters

People have long been inspired by every kind of animal. We are amazed by their strength, speed, cunning and beauty or by their mystery and connection to the environment. The art world is rich in images of animals from all around the world. We use their forms on everything from cars to teapots.

In this tradition we will spend a day creating an an original Animal Planter using clay and underglaze. Learn handbuilding techniques to construct a ceramic animal form that will decorated and textured to capture the essence of that animal. It will then  be fired in the kiln and taken home to grow a plant in.

Wednesday, July 10th: Celtic Labyrinth Drawings

Create a virtual world full of myth and mystery within a timeless Celtic knot or labyrinth drawing. Explore the intricacies of Celtic symbolism and incorporate some legendary creatures or sacred script into your own unique masterwork.

The classic Celtic labyrinth has one path that winds around to a central point then back outward. Dating back 4000 years it has been used as a meditative tool designed to help travelers release burdens on the way to the center and then accept what they most need on the way out .

Thursday, July 11th: Castle Dioramas

Castles both real and legendary have filled our imaginations with dreams and ideals. We will look at some famous (and imaginary) castles to fuel this diorama workshop.

Choose  features like the moat, turrets, dragons, dungeons and more, and use cardboard and recycled materials to build your own small scale castle.

Friday, July 12th: Winter Paintings

Winter, the season of short days and long,nights. Here in Canberra we really get to taste the bite of winter cold and use it as inspiration for our acrylic painting workshop. Although winter brings its own pleasures it has always traditionally been a time of introspection and quiet thought as people try to keep warm and eat food they have stored away after Autumn harvests.

Spend a snug day in the art room, using a wooden easel and good quality painting materials while enjoying the tutelage of your artist teacher.

Week 2 (15th – 19th July)

Monday, July 15th: Viking Ships

Viking longboats, Celtic coracles, Aboriginal ‘nawi’ canoes and Inuit kayaks are all inspiration for this workshop. Sail away from pots and turn your hands to the time honoured craft of seafaring vessels.

Embark on this sculptural, hand-building, Ceramics workshop using slabs, coils and carving techniques to build a unique watercraft that incorporates figurative, surface decoration and armoury elements. All work is finished with stains and oxides and then fired in the kiln .

Tuesday, July 16th: Animal Close-Ups

We share the world with other animals. Sometimes as tame pets, as livestock and more rarely as wild creatures. We will observe a variety of pet animals specially brought in for the day (chickens, rabbits, turtles and a dog) and practise our quick sketching, they probably won’t keep still for us! We will use a range of pencils to capture the texture of animal bodies, feathery, furry scaly and slick.

Then we will look at images of wild animals and learn some watercolour techniques for creating our animal close-up paintings.

Wednesday, July 17th: Gigantic Drawings

This drawing workshop will have you looking intently at small objects found in the landscape, from feathers, pinecones and snail shells. You will then be shown how to enlarge them and the visual impact of scale. We will be using a range of drawing materials, different hardness of pencils, charcoal and graphite powder to investigate the power of monochromatic imagery.

Work as a group to build a mammoth sized art work and work individually to make your own Gigantic Drawing.

Thursday, July 18th: Soup Kitchen Ceramics

Soup, glorious Soup! Here is a ceramics workshop specially for winter. Whatever your favorite soup is, the right bowl will only make it more enjoyable.

Learn how to create a beautiful, original functional  work. Explore hand building techniques like coiling, slab building & mould work. to make some soup-er bowls the whole family will love. We will use stencils and underglaze then fire and glaze our bowls.

Friday, July 19th: Shields of Glory

A shield is both a defensive object and a symbol of who you are. Historically shields have been worn on the left arm leaving the right arm free to brandish a weapon (sorry lefties!),  shields are often highly decorated, more symbolic than protective. They have been decorated with dragons, rampant lions, pouncing eagles, thorny roses and some much weirder stuff…

We will be designing and making our shields from a combination of plywood, metal, paint and fabric. Prepare for Shields of Glory!