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Fantasy, History, Legend, Martial Arts, Literature.

Full-day Vala Adventures your child will never forget! Children & Teens aged 7 – 16 will play a character in a collaborative tale; they’ll experience a unique blend of storytelling, tabletop roleplaying and Live Action Role Playing (LARP), physical games. Led by a supportive & creative team of educators, performers & mentors this exciting, one-of-a-kind program will engage & inspire.

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Vala Adventures – January Holiday Program 4th- 28th


(Except 3rd January- Public Holiday)

Sea of Greek Legends

Take up the role of one of the adventurous crew onboard the Greek hero Odysseus’ ship sailing back to their homeland after the decade-long Trojan War. Legend tells best of the actions of the great hero himself, but we can easily imagine that he was at his best when supported by wily companions.

After a string of misfortunes brought about by the sea god Poseidon, Odysseus’ once-mighty fleet has been reduced to but a single ship and its crew. Imagine their joy when, stopping at a lush island to resupply, they discover a banquet fit for the gods laid out for them by mysterious hands. All is not as it seems, however, on the Isle of the lonely and powerful sorceress, Circe!

Can your wits make up for the foolhardiness of your captain and hero Odysseus, on the dangerous Isle of Circe?


Viking America

Set a square sail upon the longship of the Norse Sagas and travel back in time to days when the same Vikings who carried war, plundering and conquest throughout old Europe and even into Asia explored the mysterious shores and hinterland of a New World across the Western Ocean. There they traded goods as well as unfortunate blows, with the native peoples. Come relive some of the heady days of the Norse in North America.

How will your character contribute to the founding of a new colony and the forging of alliances with the indigenous people?


(except for Wed 26th- public holiday)

New Knight School

Like their Templar ancestors before them in medieval times, students in today’s world accept secret invitations to join an ancient College of Knighthood which remains hidden deep in the countryside of mysterious time-hallowed Wales.

Inspired by their experiences in the legendary Arthurian past, the students have won their first skirmish with the Enforcers, striking a first blow against the Illuminati-influenced regime of Sir John D’Eville.

But it soon dawns on them that this is but the first battle in the war that is to follow before Temple College can be free once again…

Pack your sword & shield and reply via eagle post to your invitation to join Vala School of Knightcraft and Chivalry


Young Ninja Mutant Academy

New Super- Hero adventures! Dive into the weird and wonderful Sea of Babiro, far away from Elf Towers, in our latest fantasy campaign.

Plucked from obscurity by genetics and fortune, learn to navigate the colourful larger-than-life world of being a heroic young mutant in the Sea of Babiro

…psychic news and television, bizarre food and drinks, strange sea creatures, weird sorcerous science, all powerful merchant nobles, and competition for the popularity and status that will earn you the best view over the gently bubbling Sea, the Mother of All.

What special powers will your character cultivate to climb the ladder to celebrity stardom?


Elf Towers of Dawn – from the heights to the depths

Sites of mystic wonder, the Elf-Towers mark nodes of earth-power flowing through the Ancientmost Realm.

Join a band of adventurers, the Peregrines, and answer the Summons of the Towers- to raise the sleeping power of the Towers, and to heal The Realm and prepare the Way for the Choosing of a High King and Queen to lead us against the Evil Empire that threatens the Realm’s destruction.

Sailing up the Great River towards the splendid capital of the Ancient Realm, the Peregrines escape pursuit by Imperial navy ships and sudden attack by giant ravens, only to be shipwrecked on the rocky shores of the Keepers Isle, the isle of tombs, where it is said every six feet belongs to a chief or a king or a queen who died long ago, and the only living beings are ‘the Keepers’, mysterious members of the ‘Black Branch’ of the Realm’s druidic religion.

Do you have the making of a true Peregrine? Come solve the mystery of the Keepers Isle.