Are you looking for a way to keep your own little helpers busy while Santa finishes preparations this Christmas?

Aeon Academy is hosting three exciting days of Christmas Elf Workshops between the end of term and the beginning of the festive season!

Workshops are held on December 20th, 23rd, and 24th and feature a balanced day of craft, collaborative storytelling, and active games as well as three house made meals – all for $147.25 (before CCS).

Enjoy the days before Christmas making special handmade gifts for your family, cooking delicious treats and immersing yourself in a live action game with dress ups and character play! Plenty of activities to keep everyone happy and busy…
  • Cooking:
    • Bliss Balls
    • Shortbread in Saucers
    • Mini Xmas Puddings
  • Handmade craft gifts:
    • Incredible Shrinking Art (make jewellery, bag tags and more)
    • Bird Seed Hangers (a great gift for nature lovers)
    • Painted Terracotta Pots (handmade with love)
    • Ice lanterns (chill out with these recycled tin lanterns, make your own designs)
    • Spice Hangings (go extrasensory with beautiful dangling spices that fill the air with their sweet fragrances)
    • Art Badges (handmade with love)
    • Terrariums (build a beautiful world in a jar)
    • Polaroid Self-Portrait (make an art work that will remind someone of you)
    • Sun Catchers (spread colour and happiness through every window with these lovely creations)
  • Decorated wrapping paper and cards
  • PLUS A seasonal dramatic adventure – The Christmas Elf Capers!

Contact our office today to book your child’s place – these workshops fill fast!