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Fantastic Winter Programs

Invite your child to spark their imagination and challenge their preconceptions through Aeon Academy's unique visual arts and dramatic adventure programs! We have just been approved as voucher recipients for Choose CBR which means that you will get a great discount for our Specialised Programs. [...]

Winter Open Day

    Thank you to all our families and communities for joining us for our Bush Tucker workshop with Adam Shipp from Yurbay. It was wonderful to see children being so interested to Adam 's [...]

Inspiring Autumn Experiences

Aeon kids have been celebrating the Autumn season, embracing challenging adventures and creating magnificent clay sculptures! No leaf was left unturned, all quests were triumphant and many new alliances were forged.Thank you to all of [...]

Connect with your Aeon Community – Autumn Open day

Thanks to all who joined us at the Autumn Open Day for a heartwarming day of clay play, Legions of Rome adventure, delicious seasonal salad and friendly company. Without our lovely and involved community, these [...]

Sizzling Summer Vacations @ Aeon

cof Check out the Aeon Academy Summer Vacation Program – four weeks of exciting creative adventures to stoke your child’s imagination, pique their curiosity and nurture their compassion! Our unique Immersive Adventures program [...]

The Christmas Elves Workshops

Let us take care of the kids and give them some screen free time in the last CRAZY week before Xmas. Running from the 21st to the 24th of December, these Elf Workshops will combine [...]

Wondrous Winter Vacation

Too much screen-time this term? Give your family a creative break this Winter with Aeon Academy's unique visual arts and dramatic adventure programs! Invite your child to spark their imagination and challenge their preconceptions through one of our many [...]


Sparks’ Market place adventure

    “Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity”  -Kay Redfield Jamison   The ‘Sparks’ children have enjoyed the ‘Market Place’ activity this term. The [...]

We Want To Hear From You

Help us make Aeon even better! Aeon Academy's commitment to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of children has seen us partner with Be You; the national mental health in education initiative delivered by Beyond Blue. Your perspective matters to [...]

Summer Holiday Scholarships

Us eternal optimists @ Aeon Academy are hoping to bring some creativity, inspiration & festive cheer to the wonderful kids & teens in our community these holidays! As we all scramble to replenish & [...]

Vala online Term 4

Vala Online The Adventure continues Online! Adopt a character from the Dawnsaga Fantasy role playing game and go online to meet up with fellow children under the guidance of Aeon Academy Vala-trained & experienced Educators. [...]

Coming Soon – Bush Tucker Garden!

Thanks in part to a grant from Nature Play Grants Program and also to Yurbay projects, Aeon Academy is set to have our very own bush tucker garden. Aeon has been eager to [...]

Grazie Mille!

We at Aeon Academy would like to extend a very warm thank you to our families and community supporting us during these infamously strange times. As Canberra and the world at large has been [...]