Covid update

The ACT's lockdown is over.... and Aeon is open and [...]

Covid update2021-11-10T05:44:33+00:00

Vala online back inTerm 3

Person-to-person Fantasy Roleplaying Online with qualified Aeon Academy Vala Educators [...]

Vala online back inTerm 32021-07-29T06:43:27+00:00

We Want To Hear From You

Help us make Aeon even better! Aeon Academy's commitment to supporting the [...]

We Want To Hear From You2021-06-04T06:20:53+00:00

Vala online Term 4

Vala Online The Adventure continues Online! Adopt a character from [...]

Vala online Term 42021-03-26T04:49:23+00:00

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