About Teffany

Teffany holds a Bachelor of Visual Art from the Canberra Institute of the Arts, ANU, holds a flourishing arts practice which exhibits widely, and has studied support of people with Autism under the Thomas Wright Institute. She is a founding member of Aeoncademy in partnership with Mathew Long, and a co-founder of Aeon Arts. Teffany started offering Visual Arts workshops for children in 1996, beginning at Telopea Park School. These workshops formed the foundation of Aeoncademy’s Creative Catalyst. In the Spring of 2000 she launched a pilot school holiday workshop at her home studio, a program which rapidly outgrew the bounds of her personal studio. At this point, Yarralumla Primary School invited Teffany to bring her unique program, Creative Catalyst, to the school that Teffany attended as a child. The program has since grown into a widely successful children’s service in residence. Teffany also runs a successful art practice, having been awarded the Queen’s Trust in 1998, allowing her to travel India to learn techniques from the great subcontinent. She has also won the Poyntzpass Pioneers Ceramics Award in 1999, and numerous other awards on the way to being awarded the Artist in Residence Program at Torrens Primary School, in 2013.

Stunning Spring Holiday Program


Help your child's imagination blossom these Spring Holidays with Aeon Academy's engaging & original visual art and dramatic adventure programs. The weather will be pleasant, the food will be fabulous, and your child's creative spark will blaze brighter than ever. The unique drama program offers the opportunity for your child to explore the diverse realms of History, Myth & Legend, Fantasy, and Literature through oral storytelling, improvised theatre, tabletop gaming, improvisational character-play, and live-action physical games. These adventures include “The Irish Rebellion”: a tense colonial tale from the real history of NSW, “King Solomon's Mines”: a zany time-traveling Time Bandit adventure, [...]

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Italian Storytime at Aeon


You can now find Italian students from Alfred Deakin High School volunteering at Aeon Academy after school several afternoons across the week. Ex-students of YPS, the volunteers read Italian stories out loud from 3:30 to 4:00 providing an enriching cultural experience that any Aeon students can opt in to before specialised classes start for the afternoon.

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Superb Spring Open Day


Saturday August 24th is the launch of the Spring Holiday Program and a chance to grab an amazing 20% discount off the specialised program surcharge if you book on the day! Call in with family and friends any time between 11am and 3pm to collect work from the Winter Holidays, admire art work from after school this term, join in with the Dramatic Adventures interactive story, and enjoy a little hands on activity with clay work, watercolour painting or drawing. Everyone's welcome, and as ever there'll be a delicious spread for lunch.

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Term 3 After School


With a new term on the horizon, Aeon Academy is getting ready for a fabulous term of creative classes and awesome activities. The Dramatic Adventures program will be setting sail out to sea with a Pirates of the Caribbean theme as well as other exciting adventures. Meanwhile the Visual Arts program will be adding a second Ceramic class working on Beautiful Bells and Spring Alcoves. Remember that the first week back is Intro Week! While the Aeon Educators spend time off the floor training and preparing for the term ahead, your child will have the chance to experience the magic of Creative [...]

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Winter 2-for-1 Deal!


If you love Aeon Academy and want to introduce a friend OR have always wanted to experience the unique, amazing programs, then read on! This week (Wednesday 3rd to Friday 5th July) you have the opportunity to book and bring a friend for half price!  This ‘bring a buddy’ deal applies to the specialist programs - Vala Dramatic Adventures and Creative Catalyst Visual Arts - for Week 1 of the Winter holidays only, the 8th-12th July. It  also extends to the lovely Sparks Early Years Foundation Program for ages 3-6… Enrich your child's imagination with amazing art workshops, from ceramic animal [...]

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More Aeon Scholarships


Aeon Academy is dedicated to our mission of nurturing the creative spark: providing high-quality programs, educators, and materials to help students get the most out of our unique specialised programs. Aeon Academy spares no expense in making those programs the very best they can be, and your children reap the benefits with smiling faces and creatively-enriched experiences. If you feel your child would benefit from the specialised programs but find the surcharge financially prohibitive, we have some exciting news. Starting in Term 3, Aeon Academy's After-School Specialised Program Scholarships will be expanding to give more students than ever before a taste [...]

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Wonderful Winter Holiday Programs


Fill your child's Winter Holidays with inspiration and creativity with Aeon Academy’s engaging & original visual art and dramatic adventure programs. The weather outside may get chilly, but your child's creative spark will burn brighter than ever. The unique drama program offers the opportunity for your child to explore the diverse realms of History, Myth & Legend, Fantasy, and Literature through oral storytelling, improvised theatre, tabletop gaming, improvisational character-play, and live-action physical games. These adventures include “Warriors of Tiw”: a savage Viking adventure of teamwork and honour, “The Dragons Return”: a mythical kung-fu quest, “Fall of the Dragon Lord”: a thrilling [...]

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Amazing program choices.


Term 4 is jam packed with exciting offerings across all our programs. There are so many choices. Here are some … Embarking on journeys with the Rebel Picts to adventures in the Lands of the Dead in the Dramatic Adventures Vala program. Building Egyptian pots. Taking an excursion to Teffany’s art studio in the Visual Arts Catalyst program. Kneading dough and picking herbs from the garden to make delicious classic pizzas in the Kitchen & Garden Cornucopia program. In the Sparks Early Years program, kids will make their own Egyptian Mummy and bake carrot cake muffins. The huge range of [...]

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2019 Summer Holiday Program


Check out our exciting 2019 Summer Holiday program. With more magnificent Dramatic Adventure modules, exciting Visual Art workshops and Fantastic Foundation Programs to choose from, your dream, tailor-made Summer Vacation is just around the corner. Our Creative Play Foundation Program and Early Years Foundation Program gives kids unique 'Aeon Only' programming, with plenty of creative and active play, at a great price. And, as always, our holiday Visual Art and Dramatic Adventures options are full to the brim with original and inspirational workshops to choose from.

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Aeon Academy Scholarships Now Open


Help us decide which FIVE keen kids deserve an Aeon Academy Scholarship. Do you know kids with a bright creative spark, who are passionate about visual arts and/or dramatic adventures through history and mythology? If so, nominate them for a chance to win an Aeon Academy Scholarship. Two scholarships will go to primary-school students from grades 3 to 6, for a full term in Catalyst or Vala. One scholarship will go to a 4-year-old YPS Preschool or Montessori student for a full-term in our Sparks Early Years program. Two scholarships will go to high-school students from Alfred Deakin High, for a full-day [...]

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