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The Aeon Learning Journeys Blog

This blog series documents the evolving and exciting learning journeys that flourish within Aeon’s programs. At Aeon Academy, we understand that learning is a lifelong journey and we strive to be an organisation that supports & celebrates that journey.

Everything we do is about nurturing the creative spark in children and inspiring them to learn through creativity and play. We provide a safe learning environment where children can exercise their imaginative problem solving, build their compassion, engage in enjoyable playful experiences and explore endless possibilities. We value Nature Play and see the environment as a key teaching tool. 

Sparks’ Market place adventure



“Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity”

 -Kay Redfield Jamison


The ‘Sparks’ children have enjoyed the ‘Market Place’ activity this term. The aim was to create a supermarket setting using play food, empty food containers with prices, play money, and toy cash register.

This grocery store dramatic play is always a huge crowd-pleaser for our Sparks since they are familiar with this routine. They often have rich life experiences with it and are able to act it out in complex and engaging ways

During group time, we learnt about the value of dollars and cents. We started by introducing the proper use of monetary values as would be used in real life situations, which includes some concept of the mathematical process of getting change out of an amount and why. Single digit prices have been successfully used, for example getting two dollars back after purchasing an item that cost $3 from a $5 note. Although the Sparks children are well aware of the use of money in real life, many of them for the first time appreciated the concept of budgeting a limited amount of money to use for their needs. In this way, we use mathematics in a practical way that allows children to see how useful numbers are in their everyday life.

 By engaging in dramatic play, children in Sparks have enhanced their social skills and their ability to negotiate spaces and roles, cooperating to keep the play happening, acting out roles and situations. Furthermore, they are developing their literacy skills by asking and answering questions, using language related to a role they are playing e.g., “May I take your order?” or “How much is this”

During this experience children have questioned the option of paying using their phone and credit card as they were imitating what they were experiencing at home which demonstrated their ability to adopt what they have learnt from one environment to another. 

What next: We will continue to incorporate dramatic play experiences such as market place with the aim to build mental flexibility – an important executive function skill. 

A Sparks Journey into Colour

This week Sparks have been exploring the book “The Colours of us” by Karen Katz, as a literacy exploration into diversity.
In the story the author talks about the different shades of brown. The main character sees and recognises differences and similarities in her friend’s skin, hair and eye colours and learns, as she paints their portraits, how to show the different colours.
The Sparks children had the opportunity to discover their own shade of brown by mixing red, yellow, black and white together to match their skin colour and paint their own portraits. Each child enjoyed exploring their appearance by looking at the mirror and finding their own colours.
This group art and literacy project allowed the children to explore the concept of identity and connectedness and encouraged a sense of belonging and confidence.

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