The Aeon Academy experience is one of joyful engagement. For 18 years we’ve been inspiring kids, aged 3 to 16, to learn through creative and active play. Our nurturing environment, high-quality programs and dedicated educators spur your child’s imagination and build their compassion.

Your child will look forward to their time with us and have so much fun they’ll be excited to come back for more.

Aeon Academy News & Events

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2010, 2020

Bush tucker garden Open day – Saturday, 14th of November from 11.00am to 3.00pm

We are very excited to announce our bush Tucker Garden Open day on Saturday the 14th of November. Take part to the magical cleansing Ceremony at 12.00 pm with Tyronne from Thunderstone. Don't miss the Bush Tucker plants information session led by Yurbay at 11.30 am. Adopt a plant, name it and support our garden. Stay for lunch and [...]

1308, 2020

Spring Open Day 22st of August

Dear families, it continues to be a difficult and challenging time for all our community and we remain extremely grateful to all our families for continuing to work with us as we face together this ever-changing situation. Luckily Canberra has been Covid-19 free in the last four weeks and we feel quite confident that by adopting some precautions we can still come together [...]

3007, 2020

20% discount – Vala Online – The Adventure continues

Adopt a character from the Dawnsaga Fantasy role playing game and go online to meet up with fellow children under the guidance of Aeon Academy Vala-trained & experienced Educators. Work together as part of an adventurous team and steep yourself in myth, legend and lore as you face challenges and mysteries, solve problems and co-create an epic tale of enchantment [...]

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Who we are.

Aeon Academy is a not-for-profit organisation and charity that has been working for the well-being of the community for 18 years, delivering high-quality education and care services to kids, aged 3 to 16 years, and their families.

At Aeon Academy your kids come first. Outside school hour education and care is our specialisation and our sole focus. Our engaged and compassionate leadership team works on site with their fingers on the pulse every day ensuring your child’s safety and well-being is the highest priority.

We offer unique opportunities for kids, not found elsewhere in Canberra.  All programs are designed and facilitated by experts with years of experience in their own fields, each with their own creative spark. This underpins our strong and well-established reputation for providing quality educational and playful programming that kids love.

Aeon Academy is all about choice. You choose from a broad range of program options based on your needs and what your kids enjoy—before school, after school and during school holidays.

Our legendary Open Days are fun and free community events held throughout the year, bringing families and children together around unique, engaging and memorable experiences.

Our philosophy.

At Aeon Academy, we believe all children are innately gifted and talented. We enrich kid’s lives by giving them the space and tools to engage in imaginative, creative and active play, and learning.

Our philosophy recognises that education and care begins and ends with families. We believe our dedicated, experienced and caring team are privileged to be a positive and formative part of your child’s life.

When kids feel safe and nurtured we believe they are free to exercise their imagination and build their compassion. Our program developers and educators—all highly trained in their respective fields—have the quality time needed to engage meaningfully with your child through our awesome and unique programs, not found elsewhere in Canberra.

 We’re all about providing choice. Your child isn’t forced into a set program of activities. You’re free to choose from the suite of quality programs we offer so they get the best outcomes. All of our unique Foundation and Specialised Programs promote creative thinking, skills building, adaptable approaches to problem solving and open up endless possibilities for your child.

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