A whole new world after school.

The Aeon Academy experience is one of joyful engagement. For 18 years, we’ve been inspiring kids, aged 3 to 16, to learn through creative and active play, before schoolafter school & during school holidays

Our nurturing environment, high-quality programs and dedicated educators spur your child’s imagination and build their compassion. Your child will look forward to their time with us and have so much fun they’ll be excited to come back for more.

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Aeon is open and offering our exceptional programs across term 4, before Xmas and throughout the Summer vacations.

Reward your children with a Christmas gift of adventure and creativity!
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Aeon Academy News & Events

Jingle Bells, Christmas Elves!

Are you looking for a way to keep your own little helpers busy while Santa finishes preparations this Christmas? Aeon Academy is hosting five exciting days of Christmas Elf Workshops between the end of term and the beginning of the festive season! Workshops will feature a balanced day of craft, collaborative storytelling, and active games as well as a healthy morning & afternoon tea - all for $150.00 (before CCS). Enjoy the days before Christmas making special handmade gifts for your family, cooking delicious treats and immersing yourself in a live [...]

A Gift of Joy this Xmas

It's been a tough year for our kids but there's light at the end of the tunnel. Reward your children with a Christmas gift of adventure and creativity @ Aeon.  Give your children an experience which will nurture their imagination and bring them joy. With four weeks of exciting adventures & creativity to enjoy let us stoke your child’s imagination, pique their curiosity and nurture their compassion! Our unique Vala Adventures program offers children the opportunity to explore the diverse realms of History, Myth & Legend, Fantasy, and Literature [...]

Drive Thru Halloween 31st October!

This Halloween get dressed up in your spookiest costume, jump in the car and drive on down to Aeon Academy's Covid safe Drive Thru Halloween Trick or Treat. We are ready to take your bookings! We are asking waged families to go to our donation page and make a suggested donation of $15 per child to contribute to staffing and goodies >>>https://www.aeonacademy.com.au/donate/ Please take a screenshot of your donations and send them to hello@aeonacademy.com.au with your children's names and ages and consider them BOOked! Children will be given a goodies bag with Halloween craft activities, some spooky yummy treats and also 'mental [...]

Covid update

The ACT's lockdown is over.... and Aeon is open and offering our exceptional programs across term 4, before Xmas and throughout January's vacations. We're more adventurous and creative than ever in a Covid safe way of course.  For pickup, please use the back door and call the Centre Director following the instructions on the door. Thank you to everyone for your support throughout these crazy times.

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Who we are.

Aeon Academy is run by the not-for-profit, cultural organisation Aeon Arts Ltd and works for the wellbeing of the community. Its aim is to deliver an Outside School Hours Education and Care service of the highest quality, and has been doing so for over 18 years.

The Aeon Academy team believes all children are innately gifted and talented and that education is a natural outcome of creativity. Everything we do is about nurturing their creative spark and inspiring them to learn through creativity and play. We strive to support families and recognise that our dedicated and experienced Educators are privileged to be a positive and formative part of your child’s life. 

At Aeon Academy your child’s safety and wellbeing come first. Outside school hours education and care is our specialisation and our sole focus. Our engaged and caring leadership team works on site with their fingers on the pulse every day ensuring your child will experience a safe learning environment where they can exercise their imaginative problem solving, build their compassion, engage in enjoyable playful experiences and explore endless possibilities. Our Educators are supported to have the quality time needed to meaningfully engage with your child.

Choose from a suite of quality programs so that your child gets the best outcomes. Our strong and well-established reputation for quality programming is built upon programs that children love. Our team of highly qualified Educational Leaders and Programming Directors meaningfully tailor programs to differing individual and community needs and interests, maximising your child’s engagement and learning. All of our unique Foundation and Specialised Programs promote creative thinking, skills building, adaptable approaches to problem solving and open up endless possibilities for your child.

Environmental sustainability is an essential part of our philosophy. We embed sustainability in the day-to-day activities and programming of our Service. We believe in empowering children as active global citizens.

The Aeon Academy experience is akin to being among a caring family. We understand that learning is a lifelong journey and we strive to be an organisation that nurtures that journey; from very young children, to primary students, to teenagers and young people. We are an inclusive and caring organisation that genuinely engages with our community. Our legendary Open Days are fun and free community events held four times each year, bringing families and children together around unique, engaging and memorable experiences.

Your child can look forward to their Aeon Academy outside school hours experience as a formative and fun part of their lives.

Our Philosophy.

Aeon Academy’s Philosophy is one of Authenticity. Our service seeks to Nurture each Child’s Creative Spark through:

AUTHENTIC LEARNING opportunities by delivering Original and Creative Programming that:

  • Embraces Cultural Diversity and embodies Meaningful Experiences
  • Is Responsive, Inspiring and evolves within an enriching and Nurturing Environment 
  • Empowers Children’s Agency as Active and Lifelong Learners
  • Provides Choice and encourages Play

AUTHENTIC CARE through our commitment to:

  • Nurturing Children’s Safety and Wellbeing 
  • Compassionate and Well Trained Staff
  • Responsive and Accountable Governance
  • Environmentally Sustainable Practices and Education

AUTHENTIC ENGAGEMENT with our Community, built upon:

  • Consistent and Open Communication
  • Opportunities for active Collaboration and Connection 
  • Inclusive and Democratic Policies and Practices
  • Long running Mentoring Programs for Teens and Young People

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